GRAPHIC — Video Surfaces of Mass Shooting in Bar near Cancun

Playa Del Carmen Shooting
Screenshot Twitter @Lasillarota

New video surfaced on social media in Mexico showing in graphic detail the moment when two cartel gunmen walked to a bar near Cancun and shot 12 patrons before fleeing. No arrests have been made in the case to date.

Earlier this week, two gunmen shot 12 victims, killing one, at Cerveceria Chapultepec in Playa Del Carmen, a tourist hotspot 40 miles from Cancun. Soon after, Cerveceria Chapultepec issued a call for peace. The bar where the attack took place is approximately two miles from the beach area, which is visited by thousands of international tourists annually. A second bar by the same name operates in the beach area.

New surveillance video now shared among social media accounts throughout Mexico depicts in gruesome detail the moment when two gunmen walk up to the crowd, brandish two pistols, and begin shooting at random for several seconds before fleeing on foot.

The escalating violence in the once peaceful tourist area of Cancun and Playa Del Carmen is apparently tied to a turf war between rival cartels, particularly over street-level drugs sales and business protection rackets.

One day after the mass shooting in Playa Del Carmen, gunmen shot a man at a tourist ferry in nearby Cancun. The ferry port is used by hundreds of tourists each day to reach diving attractions in Isla Mujeres.

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