Mexican Government Provides Buses, Trucks to Aid Migrant Caravan’s Trek to U.S. Border

Peruvian Julia Paredes, center in white hat, listens to instructions from a Border Patrol
AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Mexico’s government provided buses and trucks to several hundred migrants who have been trekking through Mexico for over a month. The migrant caravan’s destination is Mexico’s northern border.

In the most recent chapter of the ongoing migrant caravan, the state government of Oaxaca provided the migrants with several buses and trucks to move them north to Puebla. Government officials also provided the migrants with a state sporting arena for them to rest before continuing their journey. According to Mexico’s La Jornada, authorities provided the migrants with ten buses and five pickups to continue their journey.

Mexican news outlets claim that this caravan has been traveling for over a month after having departed from Mexico’s southern border. The group traveled through the state of Chiapas and Oaxaca by foot, going from city to city, where government officials have provided them with various places to sleep and rest.

As Breitbart Texas reported, while the ultimate goal of the migrant is to reach the U.S.-Mexico border, the migrants are first trying to reach Mexico City, where they are then able to board commercial buses or, at times, airplanes to reach one of the several border cities that have been seeing a spike in migrants. For the most part, Mexican officials have been giving most migrants travel permits that allow them to move freely through the country for a certain time frame.

The ongoing issue with migrant caravans comes at a time when Mexico’s government has been accused of using immigration as a way of pressuring the U.S. government into funding several pet projects of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Migrants claimed that in recent weeks, INM agents have been rounding them up and sending them back to Mexico’s southern border, where they have to restart their journey.

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