Sessions: We've Got to Stand Up to Sanctuary States, Cities; Suggests Funding Reductions

Sessions: We've Got to Stand Up to Sanctuary States, Cities; Suggests Funding Reductions

On Mark Levin’s Thursday radio show, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) discussed the potential of President Barack Obama granting amnesty to 5 to 6 million illegal aliens by executive fiat.

Sessions argued it would be an abuse of power by the White House and said it was intention to act legislatively against it.

The junior Alabama senator was also asked by host Mark Levin about sanctuary cities and states, and particular the state of California in which the state’s Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, hosted Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and touted his state’s refusal to adhere to current federal immigration law.

“That is a fabulous question,” Sessions replied. “You’re exactly right and your listeners need to know that he has explained this precisely – we got major cities in this United States that consider themselves sanctuary cities that would not even turnover illegal aliens who committed serious felonies to the federal government. Unbelievable. And you so this is nurtured and acquiesced in by the attorney general and the president. That is exactly the wrong path. If we would state to the world with clarity we’re going to have a lawful, generous system of immigration that is going to treat people fairly. People can apply and people who meet the qualifications will be admitted and they’ll be admitted promptly and fairly. But we’re not going to accept illegality and do not come unlawfully. If we do that, we’d surprise ourselves at how quickly we could restore lawfulness. But right now, we’ve got to stand up to these cities and states that are taking positions that are utterly unjustifiable.”

To remedy some jurisdictions’ refusals to adhere to immigration, Sessions proposed reductions in federal funding.

“I propose reducing their COPS grant or other funding if they refuse to cooperate in the enforcement of immigration law,” he added.

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