Woodward: Hillary ‘Has Not Come Totally Clean’ About Email Scandal

Tuesday on “CBS This Morning,” while discussing Congress receiving notes from the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had not “come totally clean” about her email controversy.

Woodward said, “So many unanswered questions. you know, let’s face it, Hillary Clinton just has not come totally clean on this. And she would serve herself well if she would do that.”

He continued, “Habit of secrecy, the whole idea of the private server was so no one would know. And it’s a very bad habit. You really — I mean, I think people say if she became president, are we going to have some kind of transparency? Is there going to be a culture of straight talk rather than a culture of concealment?”

He added, “She should do serious interviews with serious people who really want to look at all of this. You can’t do it on the fly — and she’s trying to do it on the fly. And it is a giant mistake. Look, the people — the average voter is asking not just what somebody might do as president, but who they are. And who she is is her past. And she needs to kind of just sit down and say, look, on the e-mail thing I made a serious mistake. and kind of let it roll out.”

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