FL Gov Scott Rips Clintons on Fdn Pledge — ‘If It’s Corruption Now, Why Wasn’t It Corruption Before?’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record,” Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL), a supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, discussed the allegations surrounding the Clinton Foundation and a possible pay-to-play situation involving Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state.

Scott first reacted to Clinton pledge that if Hillary Clinton is elected president, the foundation would no longer accept foreign donations and former President Bill Clinton would step aside in his role at the foundation. According to Scott, the pledge “doesn’t make any sense.”

“On top of that, they’ve acknowledged now that they are going to stop taking this foreign money. Why did they do it while she was secretary of state? If it’s corruption now, why wasn’t it corruption before? It just doesn’t make any sense.”

When asked by host Greta Van Susteren if Scott would acknowledge the Clinton Foundation had accomplished any good, Scott expressed reasons for skepticism, but acknowledged he did not know.

“I personally haven’t seen it,” Scott said. “I mean I was talking to somebody the other day about Haiti. They said [Clinton] would not be welcome to go back there, but who knows. I don’t know enough about what the foundation has done. What I do know is – they walk out broke. They start a foundation and they’re worth a lot of money. They’re public servants. That’s not how you become wealthy. You don’t become wealthy as a public servant. They’re trying to get this ad taken down that we have up right now and we’re continuing to raise money to keep this message up there because this is wrong what they’ve been doing.”

Scott was then asked what he thought should happen to the organization, to which he echoed Trump’s earlier remarks calling on it to be shut down and the money returned.

“I think it ought to be shut down,” he added. “They ought to do what they should have done before. They should give all that money back. They should have never taken money from foreign governments. It’s governments that don’t believe what America believes in. They’re governments that had contracts or are doing business with the secretary of state’s office. That is wrong. That should never ever ever happen in this country.”

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