Chris Wallace on Trump: ‘He Is Kind of the Commander-in-Chief Already’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Shepard Smith Reports,” “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace previewed his upcoming interview with President-elect Donald Trump scheduled for Sunday.

During that preview, he discussed Trump as president-elect, which he said he was acting as if he were already commander-in-chief.

“I heard you on the other side of the break talking about the fact that I’ve been covering presidential transitions since Ronald Reagan in 1980. I have. And this is just as different,” Wallace said. “In fact we’ll call the program ‘The Trump Way’ because he is doing things differently than any president-elect I can remember. In a sense, he is almost more the president than the president is.

“We pay more attention when he speaks about China or what he is going to do about jobs or economic policy and saving jobs,” he continued. “It has more traction than when President Obama says things. So he is not waiting until the takes the oath of office on January 20. He is kind of the commander-in-chief already.”

(h/t RCP Video)

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