GOP Rep Gohmert: Mueller Has Done More Damage to FBI Than All Other Directors Since Hoover — Not Honest, Honorable

Wednesday on the Fox News Channel,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) slammed special counsel Robert Mueller in the wake of an FBI raid on Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s home, office and hotel earlier this week.

Gohmert’s beef with Mueller dates back to his tenure as FBI director and how he violated congressional privilege.

“It tells you about the kind of person that Robert Mueller is,” Gohmert said. “When Eric Holder in an interview said recently he knows Mueller well, and he’s sure he will get something on Trump, he does know Mueller. In fact, though he was appointed by bush, Mueller not only finished serving his term as FBI director under Obama and Eric Holder, but they extended him two years. I don’t know of anybody else that was as crushed as I was because I knew how much damage this man did to the FBI.

I submit he did more damage to the FBI than all the other FBI directors put together since J. Edgar Hoover. He’s been a disaster. ANd while he was FBI director, William Jefferson was being investigated. And, I read the affidavit in support of the search warrant that they got into bust into a congressional office. Unprecedented in over 200 years the way you handle a conflict of interest with a congressional privilege being even higher than attorney-client. You always would go to the ethics attorneys here at Capitol Hill, and they would take things from the congressman’s office and sort through Mueller wanted to send a message that you yahoos on Capitol Hill — we are bigger. We’ll threaten you any time we want to.”

Gohmert continued his critique by saying Mueller was not honest nor honorable.

“Mueller is corrupt enough, and people have to come to the realization that Mueller is not an honest honorable man. He’s out to get his people that he doesn’t like and he will do anything to bring them down,” Gohmert added.

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