WATCH: Runaway Horse Charges Through French Sports Bar

It sounds like the tagline to a bar joke, but it actually happened in real life. A runaway racehorse ran into a French bar, managing to escape from her handler to mingle with the locals at a nearby watering hole, according to a video released Monday.

The horse’s trainer, Jean-Marie Beguignem, told local French newspaper Ouest-France he lost control of the young animal on September 24 while guiding her from the stable to a racecourse in Chantilly, about 30 miles north of Paris.

But instead of heading to an open field, the horse headed to a local sports betting bar in Chantilly and caused mass panic among the bar patrons.

“There was quite a panic. I still can’t quite believe it happened,” bar owner Stephane Jasmin told Reuters.

The video shows the animal dashing to the back of the bar while a saddle fell off her back. She then turned around and headed towards the entrance, all while knocking over chairs and tables. Bar patrons leaped behind the bar and fled the scene to escape the animal’s path of destruction.

Chantilly is a French town known for its historic mansion, “Château de Chantilly,” and its “Great Stables” located throughout the estate. The stables were filming locations for the 1985 James Bond flick A View to a Kill.


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