WATCH: Handcuffed Woman Slips Out of Cuffs, Steals Patrol Car

A handcuffed woman slipped out of her cuffs while sitting in a patrol car before taking the wheel and driving off, according to a video released this week.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma, police department released video Tuesday of body camera footage of a woman slipping out of the cuffs before hopping in the driver’s seat of the police cruiser and driving away.

Officers pulled over Angie Frost, 37, on March 30 on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle. When officers spoke to her, she said she borrowed the vehicle from a friend and claimed she did not know it was stolen.

“What would you say to the owners?” an officer asked Frost.

“I would say I’m sorry I didn’t realize that this car was stolen,” Frost replied. “I asked for permission to borrow it. He told me that it was his car.”

The video shows officers handcuffing Frost and placing her in the front seat of the patrol car while officers searched the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Frost slipped her cuffs in front of her and hopped into the driver’s seat, according to the video.

“What is she doing?” an officer asked.

“She’s trying to steal your car,” another officer replied.

Frost then locked the doors and drove away. Officers followed Frost to the Studio 6 Motel, where she got out of the patrol car and fled on foot, KOTV reported.

Police officers spotted Frost on a staircase, urging her to come down the stairs.

“I told you guys I didn’t steal that car,” Frost was heard saying.

“You stole a police car in front of three police officers!” an officer proclaimed.

Authorities arrested Frost and hit her with multiple charges, including “larceny of an automobile, possession of a stolen vehicle, attempting to obstruct an officer and driving with a suspended license,” Tulsa World reported.

Frost pleaded guilty to those charges, and a judge sentenced her in May to three years in prison.


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