CNN’s Valencia While Reporting in Atlanta: ‘No Story’ Worth Your Life, I Want to Be Able to See My Family

While reporting on the riots at the CNN Center in Atlanta on Friday, CNN Correspondent Nick Valencia expressed concern that his safety could be endangered, and said that he and his crew had a spot to fall back to and understood that no story is worth your life.

Host Chris Cuomo asked Valencia if he and his crew have another place they could go to if the situation deteriorated.

Valencia responded, “We absolutely do. We’ve managed to put [ourselves] in a position where our viewers can see what’s going on, though, we know safety — there’s no story worth risking your life over, Chris. We know that. I’ve got a daughter and a wife I want to get home to tonight.”

Cuomo told him, “You just make sure that the team has a place to go. You can always report later.”

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