Scalise: What Problems Has Biden Addressed, Delivered On in 47 Years of Public Service?

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) reacted to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s acceptance speech at the closing of the Democratic National Convention a night earlier.

In that speech, Biden conveyed the notion that he would be a problem-solver. However, Scalise pointed out that in Biden’s long tenure of public service of 47 years, he has been unable to address problems that continue to persist, including China, regulations and other threats from abroad.

“Joe Biden is somebody who’s been on the wrong side of a lot of issues,” he said. “You know, and he might put his arm around you and laugh and chuckle and, of course, we’ve seen that’s gotten him into trouble, too. But, ultimately, you’ve got to look at what he said and has he delivered? I mean for all of the list of things that he said he would solve, every problem in the world’s going to be solved, he hasn’t solved any of them in 47 years in political office. I do think that matters. Results matter. And so you look at President Trump’s record, in just three years, he’s delivered on all the promises he’s made.”

“Now, look, if you didn’t vote for him four years ago because you didn’t like the fact that he was going to restore law and order, he was going to bring back jobs from China, President Trump was doing all of those things,” Scalise continued. “He was getting regulations under control so that we can actually build America back up again. Every income level was benefiting, by the way. Lowest income workers were benefiting the most. We don’t — we need to rebuild our economy now from COVID. Who better to do it than Donald Trump, who already do it once, not Joe Biden, who was part of so many failures that we don’t want to go into. Osama bin Laden might still be around today if he was the one making the call.”

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