John Kerry on Biden Climate Agenda: ‘So Logical — I Don’t Understand the Opposition’

Thursday, Climate Envoy John Kerry pushed back against the opposition to President Joe Biden’s climate agenda.

Kerry said on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that he does not “understand the opposition” because Biden’s agenda creates a better “standard of living” and “quality of life.”

“The United States of America is a technology leader,” Kerry outlined. “We need to be the ones creating the technologies that will do this, not in a way that is painful or somehow in any way negatively affects our standard of living or our quality of life. We have to do this in a way that people realize all of a sudden, ‘Wow … I’m going to be healthier, the air will be cleaner. I’m going to have a beautiful electric car that doesn’t make noise, that doesn’t spew out pollution. And it works just as well, if not more comfortably, than any other car. I can have a better quality of life because my nation will be more secure because we’re producing all of our own energy and we don’t have to have, you know, the burning of a fuel which clearly contributes to a scientifically arrived at conclusion about the warming of the planet and the dangers to this planet.'”

He continued, “This is so logical. I don’t understand the opposition. I don’t think there’s any gain in it politically because massively, the polling shows that Americans understand this is a crisis and we need to address it.”

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