Ana Navarro: Trump-Supporting Republicans Have ‘No Moral Standing’ to Criticize CNN’s Toobin

Ana Navarro said Monday on ABC’s “The View” that Republicans attacking CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin for his “masturbation scandal” had “no moral standing” if they support former President Donald Trump.

Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “We talk so much about cancel culture, what I like to call accountability culture. Where do you draw the line? The line seems to be constantly shifting depending on the person involved.”

She continued, “Were there consequences for his behavior? Yeah, The New Yorker where the workplace issue occurred because he was on a New Yorker call, he was terminated after 20 years of employment. There were consequences to his behavior at that workplace.”

She added, “I think then we need to re-examine this cancel culture issue. There are so many people, ‘This person should be canceled.’ ‘This person shouldn’t be canceled.’ CNN decided not to cancel Jeffrey Toobin. Some people are up in arms. Some people missed his legal commentary. Where do you draw the line now?”

Navarro said, “Something I would like to say, though, I saw a lot of people on the right come after CNN, comes after Jeffrey Toobin. Look, man, if you’ve been supporting a president who we heard boast about sexual assault on video, a person who did hush-money payments to a stripper, then you have no moral standing to get full outrage over Jeffrey Toobin doing what he did.”

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