Harris Can’t Name any Tools Besides Gas Tax Holiday to Lower Gas Prices

During an interview with CNN on Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris couldn’t name any other actions the Biden administration could take other than a gas tax holiday to lower gas prices in response to a question on what other steps could be taken to bring down the cost of gas.

CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash asked, “There is a lot of anxiety about the economy. People’s wallets are really being hurt right now. Gas prices, as you well know, they’re still near about $5 a gallon. The president said he wanted a gas tax holiday. It doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere in Congress. What else is in your toolbox? Is there anything else you can do to help bring down the cost of gas?”

Harris responded, “Well, first of all, let’s just say that this is a very real issue, and we have to do something about it and it’s one of our highest priorities as an administration. So, there is the piece that is about gas and bringing down the cost of gas, which, in large part, has exploded because of Putin’s war on Ukraine. The president is in Europe right now, talking, as he has been, to bring our allies and partners together so we can have a common defense around what we believe to be democratic principles, around sovereignty and territorial integrity. But there are other things we need to do. And so, for example, bringing down the cost of prescription drugs. One of — we are fighting to say something like insulin should cost no more than $35 a month. We are fighting to say that we should have affordable child care so that families — working families shouldn’t pay more than 7% of their income in child care.”

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