Maxine Waters: Trump Will Lead Domestic Terrorists on Twitter

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) on this week’s broadcast MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” that she was “very disturbed” former President Donald Trump will lead domestic terrorists now that his account is reinstated on Twitter.

Anchor Jonathan Capehart said, “Congresswoman Waters, what is your reaction to Trump being back on Twitter?”

Water said, “I am terribly disturbed about it. I know that he is going to try to use it to continue to organize his constituency. It also gives him an opportunity to try and make people believe why he should be president of the United States. S0o he is going to politicalize it, he is going to use it, and all of those domestic terrorists that he is leading will have a voice. I am very disturbed about this.”

On Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) becoming House Speaker, Waters said, “This is the leader of the Republicans, in the House, who at one time criticized Trump in a very huge way, and then went on his knees, crawling down to Mar-a-Lago to ask for forgiveness, and asked Trump, what he wanted him to do. So this non-leader, who is really a follower, was captured by the right-wing, including those in the House, and Trump himself is going to be a miserable human being. And I will help you try to make him as miserable as possible.”

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