ABC’s Hostin: Republican Border Concerns ‘a Lot of Political Theater’

ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin told her co-hosts Wednesday on “The View” that Republicans’ concerns about the number of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border were “political theater.”

Hostin said, “It’s just a lot of political theater I see coming from the Republicans. They’re trying to reframe the conversation as to what is important to Americans, how abortion isn’t important to Americans. I don’t know. It was important at the voter booth for them, you know, it’s inflation, inflation, inflation, the price of gas is sky-high.”

She continued, “You know, you see these Republicans going to the border and then taking boats to the border, and then you see DeSantis sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. That’s all theater. What are they working on so that the DREAMers can actually have something? There is a bipartisan bill, thank God so, that DACA recipients, DREAMers, so that we have undocumented migrants who are some of the most talented people we have coming into this country. Why can’t they work on that instead? Work on that.”

On Republicans’ objections to President Biden not going to the border while he was in Arizona, Hostin added, “I just think it’s such theater. I don’t need to see him at the border. I need him to work on these bills.”

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