Joy Behar: Trump Lied About His Weight, ‘That Belly, Are You Kidding?’

Joy Behar told her co-hosts Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that former President Donald Trump lied about his weight in the paperwork for his Georgia indictment.

Behar said, “Just before we leave and you’ll do a legal note, this is the first president we’ve ever had who has a mug shot.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “Yes.”

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said, “Who also lied about his weight.”

Behar said, “And also lied about being 215. Where is there a guy in this room who is 215 pounds?”

Hostin said, “Are there any 215-pounders?”

A crew member named Eddie said, “Yes.”

Behar said, “You are. Can we get a camera on him?”

Farah Griffin asked, “How tall are you?”

Eddie said, “6’5.””

Farah Griffin said, “OK, so this is what Donald Trump says he looks.”

Hostin said, “Does Donald Trump look like Eddie? He does not look like Eddie.”

Behar said, “You are 6’5″ and 215 pounds. How big is Trump?”

Farah Griffin said, “6’3″ and allegedly 215 pounds.”

Behar said, “No, no, no, that belly are you kidding?”

Hostin said, “It’s so ridiculous.”

Co-host Ana Navarro said, “I don’t want anyone saying anything about the number I put on my driver’s license.”

Hostin said, “On his driver license he says he’s 6’2″ and 240 and told the New York courts 6’2″ and 240. So in the past five months he’s gained an inch and lost about 30 pounds.”

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