Hillary Clinton Urges ‘Backlash’ to Extremists in Republican Party

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday on CNN’s “Inside Politics” there needed to be a “backlash” to the “extremists” in the House GOP.

On the Democrats voting to oust Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from his speakership, Clinton said, “That was a very tough call for the Democratic caucus, but the problem was for them, as I understand it, he was totally untrustworthy by any measure. He immediately after they did help him keep the government open, as you know, began to blame them for all kinds of extraneous matters. At some point, a leader who has lost all credibility in dealing with the opposition, where you want to have an open line of communication, you want to be able to trust his word, is going to ask for their help and not get it.”

On Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Clinton said, “He is one of the principal ringleaders of the circus that’s been created in the Republican Party for the last several years. I have no inside knowledge about what the Republicans will do who they will end up voting for. But when do they put the country first?”

She added, “They do not represent a majority of even the Republican Party. When you look at the extremists in the House, they certainly don’t represent a majority of the country. Somebody has to stand up and say, ‘Enough!’

Clinton concluded, “At some point, there needs to be a backlash against the control that this small group of extremists have. And I don’t know who will lead that, but let’s hope whoever becomes the new speaker will.”

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