Hawley: ‘Let the Whole Nation See the Truth, Which Looks to Be that Joe Biden Is a Crook’

Thursday on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) reacted to Hunter Biden attorney Abbe Lowell’s claim Republicans were engaging in a fishing expedition against his client.

The Missouri Republican argued the public should see “the truth,” which could portray President Joe Biden negatively.

“Senator, this is all they have, as if we’re expecting a check to be written out by Hunter to Joe or by a Chinese energy company to the former vice president saying in the notation line saying, thanks for the help through via Hunter,” Fox News host Laura Ingraham asked. “That’s not how these things work. But of course, that’s all they really have.”

“I can understand now why Hunter’s lawyer doesn’t want him to testify in public or to answer any questions in public because he just confirmed the core of the House’s case,” Hawley replied. “He just told them, Joe Biden was in the meetings. He just told them — Joe Biden was on the phone. I mean, these were the smoking guns that Democrats earlier said, oh, that’s not true. That’s all made up. Hunter confirmed it all.”

“So, hey, I’d love to see this guy under oath in front of the committee in public that needs to be the next step here,” he added. “Let’s let the whole nation see the truth, which looks to be that Joe Biden is a crook.”

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