Pelosi: SCOTUS Has ‘Gone Rogue’

Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Monday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that the Supreme Court had “gone rogue.”

Cooper said, “Do you have confidence in the Supreme Court? I mean, they have yet to rule on this immunity thing and all this thing about Alito and the flags and Clarence Thomas and his wife. I mean, do you have confidence in the Supreme Court?”

Pelosi said, “No, I think they’ve gone rogue. Its most unfortunate, but it’s unfortunate to see what has happened with the other justices. What happened to the chief justice? Did he go weak or did he go rogue? I don’t know.”

She continued, “I respect their point of view if they have a point of view on a woman’s right to choose, okay. But that’s not what they’re there to do to advocate for a point of view, run for Congress. They’re there to uphold the Constitution of the United States. And many of them said in their hearings for confirmation, they said that they supported the precedence of the court supporting the privacy in the Constitution. Then what do they do? They vote their opinion on policy rather than the oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States. So I want us to get back to a place where the three branches of government, as are our Founders initiated, are respected across the board.”

Pelosi added, “I don’t have a lot of confidence in this court unfortunately. I say that with a heavy heart.”

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