Bail Reform: The Latest Target for Soros-Funded ‘Criminal Justice Reform’ Push

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The so-called “bail reform movement” is part of the institutional left’s multi-pronged attack on America’s criminal justice system, and the progressive battle to do away with what they refer to as “money bail” is being fought across America, from Hawaii to New Jersey, from San Francisco to Baltimore—even as the Trump administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are fighting to restore the rule of law.

For years, the progressive left has fought for what they term “criminal justice reform,” a reasonable-sounding phrase that masks their true agenda—dismantling the systems that preserve law and order in the name of equity and racial fairness. Under former President Obama’s Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, this radical agenda advanced on several fronts at once.

Consider the following:

  • One of the main demands of the Black Lives Matter movement was an end to “mass incarceration.” As Breitbart News has reported, this is actually just a new name for the goal of the Black Panther Party to release all minorities from prison. The grandmother of the move to end mass incarceration is 1960s radical Angela Davis, who is an outspoken advocate for the prison abolition movement.
  • Just months ago, multibillionaire funder George Soros invested a staggering $27 million in a dozen local prosecutor races across the country, flooding these races with resources to put “reform-minded” prosecutors in place. This plan was incredibly successful, putting 10 new prosecutors in place in cities including Albuquerque and Houston, and unseating Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, Arizona.
  • Another practical impact of the Black Lives Matter movement—funded by George Soros and leftist foundations—was the spike in murder rates in cities such as Baltimore created by the Ferguson Effect of increased pressure through nonstop protests and outright harassment of law enforcement in the name of criminal justice reform.

The Bail Reform Movement is just another salvo in the progressive anti-law and order agenda. Well-funded leftist groups have launched a series of lawsuits, protests, and legislative actions across the United States to promote the idea of removing a key component of keeping the streets safe by holding criminals and their families financially responsible for their pretrial release.

As Breitbart News has reported, one of the main organizations promoting the Bail Reform Movement is headed by a woman who is a Soros fellow, and groups like Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle that are planning to protest this week in Baltimore to promote their Bail Reform agenda are directly connected to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Beth Chapman is best known to Americans as the wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter, and the co-star of his popular reality shows, but Mrs. Chapman is also the president of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States, which represents 15,000 bail agents nationwide. In a recent interview with Breitbart News, she explained what the Bail Reform movement is trying to do:

They want to release everyone who has been charged with a crime, with basically a promise to appear which equates to a tax-funded bond. That means the bail agents across the country are no longer in that equation. What they would like to see happen is that people who are arrested are brought in, fingerprinted, photograph taken, and basically they’re released back into the communities with no repercussion and no deterrent.

However, despite the radical left’s push to destroy America’s bail system, there are some rays of hope. Just this week in California, a federal court granted the motion of the California Bail Agents Association (CBAA) to intervene in a case against the City and County of San Francisco’s recent bail practices, a case in which Beth Chapman has also been involved.

Harmeet K. Dhillon, lawyer for the CBAA, gave an exclusive statement to Breitbart News about how this week:

“We are very pleased that CBAA has fought hard for a year and a half to be able to defend state law and its own members’ interests in the constitutionally-sanctioned practice of bail. California’s bail law balances the rights of the public and victims against the rights of the accused, and it satisfies long-established federal jurisprudence governing the role of bail in the criminal justice system. We look forward to arguing these issues before the court after a full development of the necessary facts.”

However, the institutional left continues to fight. On Tuesday in Hawaii, for example, the legislature will vote on a proposal to make bail reform measures permanent.

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