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Former Disney Channel Screenwriter: GOP Likes Blackmail, Not Black Males

Former Disney Channel Screenwriter: GOP Likes Blackmail, Not Black Males

Once again a member of Hollywood stoops to calling anyone who disagrees with him a racist. This time it is former Disney Channel writer Bob Schooley who Tweeted out the trope that Republicans hate President Barack Obama solely because he’s black.

On Oct. 3, Schooley Tweeted, “GOP far more comfortable with blackmail in the White House than black male in the White House.”

Schooley, whose credits include the Disney show Kim Possible, and such kiddie fare as Lion King II and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, later deleted his Tweet.

As the good folks at Twitchy noted, he seems to be unaware that the Internet is forever.

The denizen of Hollywood then went on to complain that he was suddenly getting a wave of Tweets challenging his extremism.

“I just wish if Twitchy was going to make me their Democrat punching bag for the day, they could have picked one of my better jokes. :(,” the writer complained.

Then he went on to falsely claim that Twitchy was trying to get him fired. “Twitchy trying to get people in Dutch with their employers for exercising free speech is a charming practice,” he wrote.

This is, of course, a mischaracterization of the Twitchy post. All Twitchy did was report the Tweet. There were no calls for any actions by his employers.

In his original Tweet, the one he tried to send down the Internet memory hole, Schooley was apparently talking about the current budget impasse between the President and Congress and Obama’s constant refrain that he won’t be “blackmailed” in negotiations.

One wonders what Schooley thinks now that Obama is the one doing the blackmailing with his attempt to end the current government shutdown by demanding a 1.1 trillion dollar ransom with his insistence that Congress repeal the sequester budget cuts negotiated in 2011.


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