Peter Pan Live Pleases… The Haters

Peter Pan Live Pleases… The Haters

How could it not be a winning formula? A news anchor’s daughter playing a boy in a LIVE broadcast on the same network where he voices the nightly news….well, it seemingly wasn’t.  

NBC’s Peter Pan Live aired Thursday night to negative reception on social media.  

The portrayal of Peter Pan by a female, Allison Williams, daughter of NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams, was a hot topic leading up to the performance.  

The actress was ready for all of the attention, even from the cynics.  

In response to a question about whether or not her performance would receive high fanfare, she shared her thoughts about those in society who might be watching for other reasons.  

“I will say this about last year: today’s audiences like to watch things cynically. And I’m on a show that’s cynical in tone so I’m no stranger to that,” Williams said of her show on HBO, via Cinema Blend.  

Hate-watching is a thing. It’s a whole way of watching something, and it’s not an audience that’s natural to a non-cynical performance. Peter Pan, you cannot watch cynically. If you do, you’re going to hate it, no question. It falls apart instantly.  

Williams, 26, stars on HBO’s comedy-drama Girls, alongside “media darling” Lena Dunham.  

Needless to say, Williams has experienced the best and the worst of the critical nature of social media.

It appears her preparation for criticism was warranted. 

Minus a few awkward moments in dialogue and a stiff performance from the always-likable Christopher Walken, the show was executed surprisingly well.  

That didn’t stop Twitter users from expressing their thoughts on the show, Williams’ performance, and NBC.  


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