CBS Throws Letterman’s Set and Show In the Dumpster


Anyone looking for proof that David Letterman overstayed his welcome by at least a decade need look no further than the news just hours after Letterman’s farewell show broadcast Thursday night. If you bought into all the elite media hype about Letterman being a national icon and treasure,  you have every right to be confused upon learning that both his “Late Show” set and the “Late Show” itself are already in the dumpster.

In the case of Letterman’s New York set, the dumpster is a literal dumpster:

CBS wasted no time in kicking David Letterman to the curb.

​Just hours after Letterman said farewell after 33 years on late-night TV, Ed Sullivan Theater crews hauled off blocks of blue stage and hacked up pieces of the iconic New York City bridges that made up the set of the “Late Show​.” …

“I can’t believe they’re just demolishing the whole thing. It’s shocking,” she said.

How odd that CBS didn’t turn the iconic two-decade home of its own national icon and treasure into a museum. At the very least, how odd CBS chose to trash all of these souvenirs rather than sell them, or at the very least, sell them to a willing broker who would see an easy profit in these treasures.

The figurative dumpster awaits the “Late Show” itself.

Despite all the hype and hoopla and nostalgia around Letterman’s finale, CBS will not be filling his old timeslot with “Late Show” reruns.

Until Stephen Colbert arrives in September, CBS believes reruns of the CBS drama “The Mentalist” will attract more viewers than reruns of Letterman.


Did the door hit Letterman on the way out?

Probably not, it was already in the dumpster.


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