Charlie Daniels: Musicians Supporting Gun Control ‘Don’t Know Anything About Guns’


Country music legend Charlie Daniels dismissed Billboard‘s recent gun control push as a “farce” and said the musicians who signed the publication’s letter to Congress “don’t know anything about guns.”

Breitbart news previously reported that nearly 200 musicians — including Jackson Browne, Cher, Billy Joel, John Mellencamp, and Barbara Streisand — all signed Billboard‘s letter demanding Congress take action on gun control in the wake of the Orlando terror attack. Daniels did not hesitant to assure fans that he strongly opposes the letter and the political agenda behind it.

In an interview with FOX411, Daniels said:

This is the biggest farce going on. It’s just political. I don’t give a damn who signed that thing on Billboard. They don’t shoot guns. They don’t know anything about [guns]. What they do know is what they think is the popular opinion and I guarantee you, Orlando is just one guy. Wait until there are five or six of them.

Daniels is pointing out something that all gun owners must recognize — the gun control push that followed Orlando was nothing compared to the push that will come after five or six Orlando-style attacks.

In November 2015, Breitbart News warned readers that Democrats and their surrogates in the media — including those in Hollywood — would use the aftermath of Paris-style attacks in the U.S. to justify any number of gun controls, including expanded background checks, the abolition of private gun sales and licensing requirements for gun owners. We got a taste of this in the last nine days but, as Daniels points out, more is to come if musicians and celebrities continue to view gun control as a way to be part of “popular opinion.”

Daniels stressed that the knee-jerk reach for more gun control is all wrong. He said musicians who react this way should also react to drunk driving by seeking to ban cars instead of drunk drivers, if they want to be consistent.

He put it this way: “It’s like taking cars away to stop car wrecks. It’s the drunk drivers that are the problem. You’ll clean it up by taking the bad drivers off of the road.”


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