Jim Carrey: ‘I Watch MSNBC’ For Anti-Trump Art Inspiration

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One time comedy star Jim Carrey has indulged tweet after disturbing tweet in the era of President Donald Trump, filled with often blood-soaked “art” attacking Trump, his family, and administration, as well as his voters.

Now, in a recent interview with the New Yorker, the actor, who has not had a box office hit in years, admitted that he watches MSNBC to get ideas for his hate-filled primitive paintings.

Carry insisted that he will “fight” Trump “until the end” adding “It’s my Arjuna moment — my responsibility to pick up the sword,” he said evoking the name of the great Hindu hero and fabled archer from the epic tale, “The Mahabharata.”

The Liar, Liar star admitted that cable TV serves as his muse to stir his artistic endeavors.

“Right now, everybody is laser-focused on every detail of this Administration,” Carrey told the magazine. “And I am, too. I read news online, but mostly I watch MSNBC. They’re flawed, but Rachel Maddow is really good,” Carrey insisted.

Oddly, Carrey called his often blood-soaked art something that “makes people feel good.” He told the magazine, “It makes me feel better if I can alchemize all of this. Turn it into something creative and make people on the Twitter feel good.”

Carrey has created art that depicts the death of Congress, the murders of Trump’s sons, showed the president murdering and eating children and another of Trump crucifying Christ, and a host of others depicting crime, death, and mayhem.

Carrey’s film career has hit the skids in recent years. Last year his movie The Bad Batch barely made $181,000 upon its debut in theaters and his follow-up project, Dark Crimes, went straight to home video instead.

However, Carrey is returning to TV in the new Showtime series Kidding, the story of a troubled kid’s show host whose personal life is a wreck. Go Figure.
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