Hollywood Pushes ‘Coverup’ Conspiracy as Impeachment Trial Heats Up

Ursula Coyote/Sony Pictures Tele/ - © 2015 AMC Network Entertainment LLC and Sony Pictures Television Inc.
Ursula Coyote/Sony Pictures Tele/ - © 2015 AMC Network Entertainment LLC and Sony Pictures Television Inc.

Hollywood figures freaked out Wednesday after Senate Democrats’ amendments to bring forth witnesses at the outset of the Senate impeachment trial failed in a series of votes on Tuesday night.

“I know I shouldn’t be surprised by Mitch McConnell’s coverup, but still  it shocks me that a man who looks like a character from the beloved “The Wind in the Willows” can be so fucking corrupt!” said actress Bette Midler.

Indeed, “coverup” was the Hollywood left’s theme.

“Pound this message. Everyone! The senate is covering up for trump — so the senate is on trial — and democracy hangs in balance — everything else is strict bullshit,” said actor John Cusack. “Trial = witness and evidence – period.”

He later said “No evidence no witness no trial — Senate is covering up — democracy rule of law dying.”

“If Republicans continue this coverup and establish this precedent for executive behavior, they’re concluding that Democrats could never elect a President as corrupt & delinquent as Donnie Trump. They may be right, but helluva dice roll,” said No Time to Die and Westworld star Jeffrey Wright.

Day two of the Senate impeachment trial saw Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) present hours of opening arguments.

Schiff said more emails and witnesses will be revealed and that the “full truth” about the “scheme” and “corruption” of the Trump White House will be known.

For Hollywood, it was all about corruption or something.

“I thought deep down that conscience and integrity would move them when the moment of and for truth arrived. Tragically for our country, it was just a dream,” Seinfeld star Jason Alexander said.

It was more of the same from Rob Reiner, Alec Baldwin wants President Trump impeached again, and Debra Messing says he’s “GUILTY AS CHARGED.”

Follow the freakout below.

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