Peppa Pig Wishes Children a ‘Happy Pride Month,’ Backlash Ensues

The official Instagram account for the beloved British children's character Peppa Pig wished its fans a "Happy Pride Month," prompting a backlash from parents.
Twitter/Peppa Pig Official

The official Instagram account for the beloved British children’s character Peppa Pig wished its fans a “Happy Pride Month,” prompting a backlash from parents.

In a post that featured the character alongside several of its friends beneath a sprawling rainbow, the account wished all a “Happy Pride Month” as a celebration of love.

As with most children’s characters that get co-opted into promoting adult sexual proclivities, parents were none too happy with the post.

“Why do y’all want kids knowing about stuff like this let them be kids and let this page just be about kid things,” said one commenter.

“On Christmas you posted Happy Holidays in fear of offending but you have no problem posting for pride. Do you think more of your audience celebrates Christmas or pride? Unfollow,” said another commenter.

“I hope you do the same thing for our veterans and respect for unborn babies,” said another.

People on Twitter were equally brutal.

As Breitbart News reported last week, the Looney Tunes co-opted Bugs Bunny to promote drag queens for Pride Month, encouraging people to get their drag on.

This isn’t the first time a Warner Bros. Discovery property has promoted drag queens.

Last month, the long-running animated TBS series American Dad! officially celebrated drag “herstory” in a new video that marked the show’s 350th episode by naming the alien character Roger as a “drag icon.”

Looney Tunes is just the latest children’s entertainment brand to embrace drag culture.

The Walt Disney Co. has promoted drag culture in a major way, most recently by employing a drag queen greeter at Disneyland in California. Last month, the company invited drag queen Nina West to the world premiere of its live-action The Little Mermaid.

Nina West is quickly becoming a Disney staple following his appearance in the Disney+ LGBTQ Pride concert in 2021, where West hosted the live-stream video that featured other drag queens plus performances of popular Disney songs re-imagined with LGBTQ themes.

On Sunday, Disney’s The Little Mermaid star Melissa McCarthy had a starring role in West Hollywood’s LGBTQ Pride Parade that featured explicit BDSM sex acts.
“Melissa McCarthy wore a headpiece with the words ‘Say Gay’ as she rode her own float during the parade, which took over a large section of Santa Monica Boulevard running through the heart of West Hollywood,” Breitbart News reported.

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