UKIP Candidate: I Was Stabbed in the Face by 'Labour Supporters'

UKIP Candidate: I Was Stabbed in the Face by 'Labour Supporters'

A UKIP candidate has claimed that he was stabbed by Labour Party supporters this weekend in an attack that could prove to be the result of increased demonisation of UKIP supporters.

Bobby Anwar, a candidate in Blackburn, accused his neighbours of being “avid Labour supporters” and blamed them for the alleged attack which left him bleeding from his face.

He said on Facebook:

“Stabbed in face by so called Muslim neighbors (sic) who are avid Labour supporters, whose teenage kids batter my 6-10yr olds, call my kids and wife kafirs (infidels)and n****rs (mum is African descent and converted).

All go to MMA cage fighting clubs which the teenagers were using on my son.

Without me using any profanity or threw any punches, the responsible adult/uncle ran back in the house to get a sharp metal weapon and came running from behind me and broke my cheekbone and broken eye socket. Extensive surgery this week needed including permanent metal plating.”

Police are investigating the incident, which is believed to have occurred last Saturday.

Anwar did not reply to communications asking him for comment.


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