'Threats and Chaos' At Tower Hamlets Vote Count, Reports Witness

'Threats and Chaos' At Tower Hamlets Vote Count, Reports Witness

A senior Conservative has claimed that the election count in Tower Hamlets was an “omnishambles” mired in “arguments, threats and chaos”. According to the Evening Standard Cllr Peter Golds said that in one ward there had been a 21 per cent discrepancy between the results in the first and second count.

The allegations came after widespread concerns were expressed about the conduct of the election in East London. City Hall insiders have told Breitbart London that every other London borough had completed their European count by 10pm on Sunday night, but they all had to wait for Tower Hamlets, The borough ended up declaring in the early hours of Monday morning.

Tower Hamlets also suspended the local election count and six wards are still yet to declare. The borough, run by an independent Mayor Lutfur Rahman, had promised to get its act together after a series of allegations of electoral fraud. But, as reported on Breitbart London, there was little evidence that the process had been significantly improved.

Cllr Golds said: “There were arguments, threats and chaos at the counting tables. [Activists] were challenging vote after vote, forcing supporters of other candidates away from the tables.

“They often made their points…with pencils and pens against ballot papers.”

“Despite everything we had been told the count was a shocker. There was a 21 per cent discrepancy in the votes in Island Gardens between the first two counts.”

The allegations against Tower Hamlets are likely to be cited as further evidence that the Electoral Commission is failing to regulate elections properly. The organisation watered down rules protecting people when they approach polling stations, making it easier for activists in Tower Hamlets to harass voters.

They also approved “An Independence From Europe Party”, which was allegedly set-up to confuse voters and reduce UKIP’s final result. The party is believed to have cost UKIP at least two seats in the European Parliament.

Despite the allegations of wrongdoing, a spokeswoman for the borough said they had “produced the most stringent set of electoral measures in the capital, if not the country”.

She added: “The parties seeking election used their right to request that ballot papers be individually adjudicated upon by the Returning Officer and his team.

“Whilst this created delay it has helped ensure accurate results.”

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets is no stranger to controversy. He is accused of using taxpayers’ money to support Islamist groups and his supporters have been accused of imitating voters on a number of occasions.


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