Former LibDem MP Insists Child Abuse Allegations Are ‘Conspiracy’ Against Him


Allegations that a politician was among those accused of repeatedly raping a girl over a four year period have prompted a former Liberal Democrat MP to identify himself to investigators in order to deny it.

The MP in question spoke to the investigative website Exaro on condition of anonymity in order to rebut his alleged victim’s account of long-term sexual abuse. He cannot be named for legal reasons but Exaro states that “he has no publicly-known connection with Staffordshire.”

Earlier this week Esther Baker, 32, waived anonymity to speak to Sky News about being sexually abused in woodland on Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. She described being raped over a four year period from the age of six by the former MP, as well as other men including a dead Labour Cabinet Minister, a Lord and a judge. The abuse is said to have occurred while uniformed police officers stood guard, some of whom are said to have joined in.

Exaro reports that a further two women have come forward with similar allegations against the same politician. One of the women contacted Staffordshire Police after seeing Baker on Sky News, but the other pre-dated the news footage having come forward through the Chuch of England last month. The Church of England has no connection to the abuse allegations.

The Staffordshire Police investigation into Ms Baker’s claims is in the preliminary “scoping” stages. They have already conducted several lengthy interviews with her and she is scheduled to meet them for two further days of interviews next week.

The former MP told Exaro:

“As far as I know, it is not a proper investigation. If the police had allegations against me they would tell me about it. This has gone on now for a month or so, and the police have not told me of any allegations…I contacted the police to say that I believed there was a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice about to be committed…I raised concerns that evidence against me was about to be manufactured, be it a fantasy or a fabrication is difficult to work out.”

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror the former MP said:

“I am not a paedophile, I’ve not committed criminal offences. Suddenly out of the blue, I’ve been picked out at random and had very nasty allegations made about my behaviour. It’s all a pile of s***…

“…I don’t blame Esther – she is a very vulnerable person and I think she is being manipulated by someone else who I hold responsible for these fabrications. However fantastic the allegations sound, they should be investigated properly. It may be that the woman was a victim of abuse by someone else, but she wasn’t a victim of abuse by me. I didn’t do it. What can I say? It’s all just completely made up.”


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