WATCH: BBC Airs Its Own Corbyn Complaint Video, Smears Fox News Reporting on Obama

The BBC has aired a complaint accusing it of being too critical of hard-left politician Jeremy Corbyn while smearing Fox News’s coverage of Obama.

Corbyn, a political outsider, is the surprise favourite to be the next Labour Party leader after winning the backing of large swathes of party activists and trade unions.

Naturally, many are weary of a far-left candidate leading Britain’s main opposition party, with many moderate commentators prediction disaster, either for the Labour Party or the country as a whole, if he wins.

However, one person wrote into the BBC to tell media it was “their job to report the policies and ideas of the candidates – not to demonise one of them and predict a national disaster if he should be elected.”

The BBC decided, in the interests of ‘impartiality’ to air this complaint, which also went on to smear Fox News.

“The ‘stop Corbyn’ theme that runs through much BBC news coverage is reminiscent of the Fox News bias against Barack Obama during his presidential campaign”.


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