Latest ISIS Recruit is UK Hate Preacher’s Son


The son of one the UK’s most notorious hate preachers, Omar Bakri Mohammed, who set up banned group al-Muhajiroun with Anjem Choudary, has travelled to Syria to join Islamic State (ISIS).

Mohammed Fostok, 30, from Enfield is thought to have left Britain in October last year. Security sources confirmed to The Times that it is their “firm belief” that he has joined the terrorist group and is now living in Islamic State controlled territory.

His farther was born to a wealth Syrian family, but came to the UK in 1986 to claim political asylum. He was instrumental in setting up of Hizb ut-Tahrir in the UK, but split from them 1996 to set up the even more hard line group Al-Muhajiroun.

Fostok is just one of several children of Omar Bakri who is thought to be involved with extremism. However his daughter, Youssra, changed her name to Yasmin, died her hair blonde, and is now thought to work as a striper.

Omar, the farther, has been directly linked with two of the 7/7 London bombers and the two Britons who carried out a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv in 2003. He is also thought to have inspired the killers of Lee Rigby.

He has called from the killing of women and children on Facebook and in 2004 said that Muslims should give the West “a 9/11, day after day after day.” However, he was barred from returning to the UK after travelling to Lebanon in 2005, following the 7/7 London Bombings.

He was arrested and detained in Lebanon and is now facing terrorism charges that include the death penalty. His family begged the Home Office to let him return to the UK in 2014, claiming he is being tortured in Lebanon.

Jihadi John apologist group CAGE claims he is: “currently detained in an underground cell in Al Rayaniyeh prison with no light and no ventilation. He is held in solitary confinement in a small cell with rats and cockroaches…” and “has no means to know when to perform his five obligatory prayers.”


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