80% Of Businesses Don’t Have A Transgender Policy, Moan LGBT Group

AP Photo/Craig Fritz

‘Diversity’ warriors are up in arms over the news that 80 per cent of businesses in the UK “fail” to single out transgendered persons for special treatment in their “diversity” policies. 

A review of British businesses with more that 1000 employees found that over 99 per cent had a diversity policy in place. However, the report’s criteria judged if, “’gender identity’ or ‘gender reassignment’ (or similar) were mentioned in a paragraph outlining company non-discrimination policy.”

“Lots of companies are failing to communicate their commitment to supporting LGBT employees at work, particularly to transgender people,” wrote Neil Bentley, the CEO of OUTstanding network, who conducted the review. 

Roughly 99.7 per cent of human beings do not consider themself “transgender,” and the only condition of being transgendered is “feeling” as if you are.

Bentley continues: “Our review revealed that while 99 per cent of the annual reports refer to diversity as a whole, 80 per cent of these lacked any mention of non-discrimination policies for transgender employees.”

He complained: “LGBT inclusion does not register as a priority to be communicated for most FTSE 100 companies,” who are, “failing to pursue greater inclusion as a priority.”

Adding: “It’s a shame that these efforts do not often get the column inches they deserve in both our national media and annual company reports.”


Despite Bentley’s claims, a study called “Transgender Perceptions in the Media” by Sarah J. Lewis, found that references to the words “transgender” and “transsexual” in the media rose steeply over the past two years – rising even more steeply in BBC article. Furthermore, so-called “transphobic” articles are in decline. 

Transgendered people in the UK today are so celebrated that business are actually vying to hire them.

There are tailored jobs for them, the equality act insures they are protected, and even the White House admitted it’s first transgender employee today