Technical Fault: Social Democracy and Cultural Liberalism Collapsing Under Strain of Migrant Crisis

Police secure the area where two immigra

Eritrean asylum seekers in Sweden are risking serious backlash after a week of unprovoked, migrant violence towards their native hosts.

Otherwise considered one of the most enthusiastically forgiving and multicultural nations in Europe, Sweden reacted with horror to a double murder in the nation’s largest IKEA store last week by an Eritrean immigrant. The store was closed for two days after the killings, re-opening last Wednesday. In a remarkable feat of double-speak, a sign attached to the door apologised for the closure, remarking it was due to a “technical fault”.

The attack seems to have reset the national conversation regarding immigration and integration, with even steadfastly establishment newspapers now questioning the conventional wisdom as peddled by the left-wing Social Democrat government.

Now Eritreans have struck in Sweden again.

Five men have been arrested for the gang rape of a 22-year-old woman at the weekend in remote small town Ludvika, with at least two, and quite possibly a third all Eritrean asylum seekers, reports the Swedish Free Times.

Two men were arrested shortly after the attack on Saturday morning, aged 19 and 26 years old. Two more arrested on Monday, and another 19-year-old was arrested on Tuesday morning, reports local newspaper Dalarnas Tidningar.

Ikea Stabbing

Police vehicles stationed outside IKEA last Saturday after the double murder of a mother and son in the kitchen department / Getty

The town, which sits among the dense Swedish rural woodlands and lakes that pepper the hinterland beyond the nation’s major coastal cities is only home to less than 15,000 people, but like everywhere else has become home to a growing number of new Swedes.

Ludvika’s own government website has a helpful section just for immigrants, which informs those thinking of coming to Sweden that: “The municipality of Ludvika is a great place to live and work, and people from all around the world have chosen to live here”.

“As a newcomer to Ludvika you can get useful advice and information from our immigration service. We can inform you about your rights and obligations… You can find our multi-lingual staff… in the city centre. Here you have the opportunity to meet others, to make friends and participate in a rich and varied programme of activities”.

One of the most remarkable developments in Sweden over the past week since the brutal and seemingly random IKEA murder by an Eritrean immigrant is the shift in mood.

It appears that Swedish people may now be questioning whether the right reaction to immigrant violence towards native Swedes is for the police to step up protection of immigrants, and for IKEA to ban the sale of kitchen knives, as Breitbart London reported last week.

Tuesday’s morning editorial in the centrist Jyllands-Posten is an important example of how quickly the narrative has moved in Europe.

Signed anonymously and titled Good and Evil, the piece repeats the sincerely stated desire of Sweden Centre Party leader Annie Lööf to import 30 million immigrants to the country – which presently only has 9.75 million inhabitants.

The author acknowledges the present leftist government hasn’t given exact numbers on the amount of humans it wants to import from the third world, but has refused to set an upper limit either, and remarks they “seem keen to import as many immigrants as possible, despite the fact that resistance to this policy is growing”.

Advocating immigration on the strength of “abstract humanitarian reasons”, the Swedish government is willfully blind to the “concrete consequences” of mass immigration, the editorial states, including billions extra spent on social services, spiking violent crime rates, cultural segregation, educational attainment levels in free-fall, Islamist radicalisation, and growing resentment by native Swedes.

Sweden Radio

Police vehicles deployed to protect the asylum centre which was home to two Eritrean men arrested for the IKEA murders last week. The Swedish government feared retaliatory attacks / Getty

“Many simply cannot recognise Sweden, which is growing with record speed, and over which no one seems to have any control”.

The editorial also makes reference to the ‘racist band-aids’ controversy as reported by Breitbart London last week, and the way non-news was used to distract attention from the real issues of the day.

“On the same day that a 36-year-old asylum seeker from Eritrea killed two random Swedes at Ikea in Vasteras with a knife from the shop’s kitchen department, they were in all seriousness discussing on Sweden Radio 1 about whether beige plasters are ‘dicriminatory’ and ‘racist’ against newcomers with dark skin”.

Closing on a dark note, the paper concluded unless the government was able to get a handle on Sweden’s immigration problem soon, it would end bloodily:

“It can be difficult to see who really is good and who is evil in today’s Sweden. Decades of social democracy and cultural liberalism has built a moral empire, which is in the process of collapsing, and even the establishment press is questioning the status quo.”

“The security of Sweden depends largely on whether the government can solve problems with political solutions. If not, the solutions will be anti-political, they will be violent and bloody.

“When those in power can no longer exert control, society is in danger of ending violently. It happened in Syria, and will happen in Sweden, whether we have 9.5, 15, or 30 million citizens”.

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