EXCLUSIVE: UK Police Target Schoolchildren As Young as FOUR With Tax Payer Funded, Transgender Propaganda

Getty/Devon and Cornwall Police

Police and local government agencies in the United Kingdom are distributing a “pioneering” document for “empowering teachers to encourage and support” transgenderism in schools at the “earliest stages” after a four-year-old child identified as transgender.

The “School Transgender Guidance” document has been distributed to all schools in the Cornwall area, and been named as “best practice” by the UK government’s Department of Education. It says transgenderism can potentially be identified in those as young as two, and discusses powerful, irreversible and controversial treatments for prepubescent children.

The document claims: “The purpose of this guidance is to deeper ember good practice in the field of school [primary and secondary] and colleges,” and states that children as young as two years old can be identified as suffering from Gender Dysphonia. 

The booklet instructs: “Awareness of Trans issues can be embedding within the [personal, social, health and economic] curriculum from the beginning,” meaning that children as young a twelve should be taught transgender ideals and gender theory. It recommends that “resources” should be available from the “earliest stage.”

It recommends: “Trans issues are made more mainstream” in a “broad selection of topics” including “history projects.”

The document explains: “A Transgender person feels that their external appearance (sex) does not match up with the way they feel internally about their gender identity,” for the benefit of teachers, and lists many different gender identities for the children to adopt, including “GenderQueer” and “Non-binary.”

The recommendations even extend to vaccinations, and the document states, “Consideration should be given to allowing the young Trans person to receive their vaccinations from their [doctor] if the vaccination is gender specific i.e. a F2M Trans pupil or student may find it very difficult to stand in a queue of girls awaiting a female specific vaccination.”

A similar document was launch in the county in 2013, about the same time that Brighton and Hove Council launch a “Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit.”

The UK is leading the way, and authorities in Canada launched similar guidelines in 2014, as did the U.S. Department of EducationNew York State followed this year and just days ago similar guidelines sparked a huge controversy in Alaska.

The 2015 document was officially launched at a “Conference on Gender Identity” on the July 17th at Tavistock and Portman Clinic to “highlight the document and hold a few workshops with people from schools across Cornwall.”

The Clinic helps children as young as twelve to transition with tax payer money, and revealed in April that the number of children aged ten or under referred to the NHS “for issue with gender development” has more than quadrupled in the past five years.

The new document gives details of the Tavistock and Portman centre, where children can receive “gender re-assignment,” adding, “a person with Gender Dysphonia may require treatment (i.e. hormone blockers)” – an extreme and irreversible method of stunting the natural sexual development of prepubescent children. 

As the document explains in its glossary: “They block the body from releasing the hormones that change the body of boys and girls during puberty to either a more male or more female form and keep it at pre-puberty stage of development.”

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart London, Toby Best, Diversity Officer at Devon and Cornwall Police and co-editor of the document, said:

“It came as a collaboration of several organisations, where we had a young person, I think of the age of four, who identified as Trans, who was attending a school… [that] wanted some guidance around it, so the council… the Intercom Trust and the police got together.”

The Intercom Trust are a local transgender rights organisation which, according to Devon and Cornwall Police, have been going into local schools to spread their ideology directly to children.

Mr. Best said controversy surrounding hormone treatment for pre-pubescent children is “not a police or council issue.” He said: “We wouldn’t enter into a argument of whether it’s moral or immoral – whether it’s right – or get into that controversy.” He said every child is different and the police’s job is to make sure all kids have access to equal treatment, security and protection.   

The funding behind the document, Best said, was “via kind.” He said it was a good use of the 11-person strong “dedicate equalities and diversities department” at Devon and Cornwall Police. Adding: “It fits exactly what our roll is.”

Best added: “it’s a massive police issue,” because young transgendered people get bullied, can self-harm and become the victims of hate crime, he said.

“We want hate crime reporting to go through the roof.”

He conceded that bullying in school “is not a police matter,” but hate crime in the workplace is, he said, which he hopes to pre-empt.

Best was clear to stipulate that “the document isn’t a statement of fact of policy for any organization… it is a guidance document,” and said, “every child is different.” He explained that the council and police worked with “experts” from far-left transgender organisation such as a:gender, Transfiguration and the Gender Identity Clinic to produce it.

The booklet discusses name changes on exam papers, “alternative swimwear,” and school trips to the third world.

It dedicates a section to the “use of toilets and changing facilities in school,” so that transgendered students can be “seen and treated as a member of their true gender.” It recommends transgendered students use disabled restrooms. The section omits to mention the concerns of non-transgendered students and their parents. 

The document says: “transitioning by pupils is not a threat to [a] school’s single-sex status” and references Department of Education advice in relation the Equalities Act. The guide does not address pupils joining single-sex schools of the opposite gender to their birth, however.

The section on “sport and physical education” says “there should be reasonably few issues regarding participation within the sport of their true gender.”

It cautions, however, that “there may be physical advantage gained by [male to female] Trans participants,” specifically mentioning rugby. It stresses that risk should be “managed… rather than preventing young Trans people from participating.” 

Many words are expended on the needs and concerns of transgendered students in sport; none, however, on the concerns and worries of the children competing against then, or their parents. Ultimately, a “common sense” approach is recommended in sport. 

The ‘Useful Book List’ at the end of the report includes children’s titles as, “The Boy in the Dress,” as well as, “My Princess Boy,” and “The Sissy Duckling”. For teenagers, it pushes, “Freak Show,” and “Tutus Aren’t My Style”. 

“It’s been distributed to all the schools in Cornwall, either in printed form or digitally… they’ve all been made aware of it,” said Best, “It’s quite nice to see that some quite high profile schools in Cornwall have really embraced the document, got on board, and kind of added a bit of peer pressure I guess to other schools to use it.”

He told Breitbart London that the 2012 document, “has been adopted right throughout the country… [and] has also been included on the Department for Educations website, and held as best practice in some of their documents.”


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