Labour MP: Britain Should Take 10,000 Migrants A Day, ‘We’ll Do What Germans Did’

UK Parliament

Father of the House and Labour Party MP Gerald Kaufman has demanded that Britain “do what the Germans” did and take up to 10,000 migrants every single day, in an extraordinary intervention in the migrant debate that took place in the House of Commons yesterday.

Kaufman, a long-standing ally of Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn, is usually known for his anti-Israel comments, as well as his cosying up to Islamist sympathisers.

So it may come as no surprise that Mr Kaufman jumped on the migrant crisis to urge the British government to take more economic migrants – mostly Muslim men – rather than just refugees in camps in Turkey, as promised by British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Speaking in the Commons chamber yesterday, Kaufman said: “The Germans took 10,000 on one day… I recognise the financial problems, I recognise the assimilation problems, but if we don’t do it now we will live to regret it for the rest of our lives… Let them in. We’ll welcome them. We’ll do what the Germans did.”

He bizarrely added, in his speech in the Commons chamber today, an attack on the democratically-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The comments came during a debate on the EU migrants crisis. Oddly, he also called U.S. President Barack Obama “deplorable”, though this was in relation to drone strikes against terrorists.

He also said, “It may well be that Angela Merkel… is motivated by what the Germans did to the Jews”.


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