VIKTOR ORBAN: All Terrorists Are Migrants, It’s Just about WHEN They Migrated To Europe

A migrant reacts after Hungarian riot police use water cannon to push back migrants (ARMEN

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has again hit out at Europe’s policy of mass migration, linking the latest terrorist atrocities in Paris to the European Union’s (EU) long standing immigration policies, and insisting that “all the terrorists are basically migrants… The question is when they migrated to the European Union”.

Speaking in an interview with POLITICO Europe, Mr. Orban – who has been the most fervent defender of the Judeo-Christian West during the ongoing migrant crisis – said that the “number one job” for European policy makers since the Paris attacks is “to defend the borders and to control who is coming in.”

He said it was “logical” that Europe’s enemies – radical Islamists – would send terrorists in with the migrant wave.

“All of them present a security threat because we don’t know who they are. If you allow thousands or millions of unidentified persons into your house, the risk of … terrorism will significantly increase.”

Mr. Orban has previously lashed out against pro-migration activists and groups, specifically taking aim at his fellow countryman George Soros, a billionaire whose Open Society Foundations finance almost every large pro-migration think tank and pressure group in the Western world.

But the Hungarian premier isn’t necessarily the best friend of Eurosceptics. He has spoken previously about his will to keep the EU together, and indeed stated this week, “We would like to save Schengen… We would like to save the liberties … including the free movement inside the European Union”.

When asked by POLITICO if the EU would exist in 10 years time, he replied, “it’s an open question.”

Mr. Orban’s opposition to left-wing Europhiles who in his words “destroy freedom in the name of freedom” has brought upon him the more devious and anti-democratic elements of the EU – specifically in the form of foreign tax payer funded agitation against him, as reported by Breitbart London last week.

But Mr. Orban doesn’t seem to let the pressure get to him, telling POLITICO that he has a longstanding commitment to the democratic process. “You can’t avoid to lose because that’s part of the job,” he said.



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