Multiple New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks In Sweden, Police Compare It To Cologne

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A large number of teenage girls in the Swedish town of Kalmar have reported being sexually harassed on New Year’s Eve. A victim said her attackers could “not understand” her, and the police have compared events there to the mass molestations by migrants in Cologne, Germany.

Reports of groups of three to five men molesting young women out celebrating were first reported by Expressen on Wednesday afternoon. The women, aged between 17 and 19, claim the sex attacks took place on the town square, on a dance floor and in a stairwell.

Just like in Cologne, the men allegedly encircled their victims, trapping them, before groping and assaulting them.

As Breitbart London has reported, however, shocking attacks of this nature were not isolated to Cologne on New Year’s Eve, but happened in “every major Germany city” as well as in Switzerland, SwedenFinland and France, in single night.

“We have not really had this phenomenon before. Had it been a single report, someone being groped on the dance floor, then yes, they’ve happened, naturally. But when it can be connected with this in the staircase, and on the square, this is something new,” said Gunnar Norgren, a police officer in Kalmar, Sweden. 

By yesterday morning, reports suggest that at least nine young women had been assaulted in a single evening, with the number likely to increase further.

“We do not know if it’s the same people who are behind all reports, but we suspect it”, said Police Commissioner Monica Oldin.

Mrs. Oldin said that police were appealing for more victims and witnesses to come forward. “Then we can decide with the information we get back, and see if this is something that has only happened on New Year, or if it will be on more occasions. We hope it was just a one-off,” she explained.

The details of the male perpetrators are somewhat vague at present. Mrs. Oldin could not confirm the nationality of the perpetrators but police said they were between 20 and 40-years-old. She told Nyheter Idag that the men could not understand the victims, indicating that they could not speak Swedish, saying:

“I know one of the girls said they do not seem to understand what she was saying when she said she wanted to be left alone.”

Mrs. Oldin drew parallels with what happened on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany, when around 500 “Arab and North African” men reportedly raped, sexually molested and robbed 90 German women.

Mrs. Oldin said that there are “many” culprits at large, leaving Swedish women in the city at great risk.

“They come in a bunch, but I know of no number. You get a little worried when reading about Cologne”, she said.

Adding: “We are a bit worried that something is going to happen in the future and, of course, the girls are anxious and do not know if they dare to go out.”


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