EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Drops London Assembly Candidate Anne Marie Waters For PEGIDA UK Link

Anne Marie Waters
Anne Marie Waters

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has removed one of its most outspoken London Assembly candidates – Anne Marie Waters – after she agreed to head up the British branch of the anti-mass migration PEGIDA movement.

Anne Marie Waters was chosen by UKIP’s selection panel to stand at the London Assembly elections in May this year. But party chiefs became concerned when it was announced at the tail end of 2015 that she would also be campaigning alongside PEGIDA UK – a group that includes high profile figures such as former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson and Liberty GB chief Paul Weston.

Breitbart London reported on the on the internal panic 10 days ago:

While Breitbart London understands that Mr. Weston’s involvement is a greater concern that Mr. Robinson’s, the party’s chairman has reportedly come to an agreement with Ms. Waters, that she may remain a UKIP member in good standing, though cannot stand for election for the party.

We can also report that while Ms. Waters was disappointed, she was understanding of the move, asserting that the London media would attempt to portray UKIP’s entire London slate as PEGIDA-adjacent throughout the entire campaign, which may lead to a loss of votes for the party trying to make a breakthrough in the capital.

Tommy Robinson commented on the news, telling Breitbart London: “What problems does UKIP have with PEGIDA UK – a peaceful movement to demonstrate against mass migration, and radical Islam? You’d think this was the kind of thing a patriotic party would support. Instead, they appear to be putting electoral politics ahead of principle. It’s really a shame”.

UKIP sources explained to us this morning that they had not yet taken an internal decision as to whether PEGIDA UK is to be added to the party’s proscription list – an internal document that dictates which groups members cannot be associated with while being in UKIP. Groups that attract such a label include the nationalist group Britain First, the English Defence League street movement, and the British National Party.

While PEGIDA UK is a new movement, the word PEGIDA has been used in Britain before, at a march that included National Front supporters and activists with swastikas on their clothing. In Germany, the PEGIDA movement goes to great lengths to keep “Neo Nazis” out of its movement, even banning alcohol consumption to ensure there are no problems.

UKIP supporters who disagree with the move may find cause to write to the party.

PEGIDA UK will be hosting its first official “peaceful walk” in Birmingham on February 6th.

UKIP has not yet provided an official comment.


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