UK MPs Call For Transgenderism To Be ‘Mandatory’ In Schools, ‘Gender Transition’ Possible Against Will Of Parents

transgender schooling
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A parliamentary committee report has demanded that transgender issues are never treated as a mental health problems, but are in fact regarded as a “protected category” which should be accommodated for in every possible way. Many of the conclusions are aimed at promoting transgenderism in education and children.

The report, by the Parliament’s Women’s and Equalities committee, calls for teachers and “all further education staff” to have “gender identity awareness training” and demands that “trans issues” become “mandatory” on school curriculums. The report also suggests lowering the age limit for obtaining official recognition of a new gender without parental consent, from 18 to 16.

The section on schools comes as new figures suggest that up to 80 primary school-aged children a year in the UK are now seeking help towards changing their gender. The popularity of the fad appears to be “clustered”, with children copying others in the same schools.

The new “transgender equalities” report appears to recommend that even more children be encouraged down this route, including making it easier for them to access body altering, life changing drugs before puberty.

“We recommend that provisions should be made to allow 16- and 17-year-olds, with appropriate support, to apply for gender recognition, on the basis of self-declaration”, the report states.

Authors also cite evidence from the Transgender lobby group Mermaids, who used the example of “a young person of 16 who wanted their name changed at school but their parents did not consent.” At present, according to Equality and Human Rights Commission, the schools refusal to comply with the demands of the child is “discriminatory”, but legal action cannot be brought until the child is 18.

The report asserts that schools must “understand their responsibilities under the Equalities Act” and demands “more is done” to accommodate the demands of such transgendered children.

It also states that, “transgender issues should be taught in schools as part of what should be mandatory”, and asks that school teachers are given “sufficient training” in “transgender issues”.

While still only a committee report, it is expected that many of the recommendations made will be picked up and transformed into government policy – especially since the Conservative Party has a majority, and is insistent on proving its “liberal” credentials. Yesterday, in the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions session, PM David Cameron even went so far as to mock small-c conservatism, hurling the phrase as a term of abuse at his verbal sparring partner Jeremy Corbyn.

The report notes that children “as young as four” are being referred to gender identity “clinics”, where those under-16 can be put on “hormone blockers” to stunt their natural development.

The report “acknowledge[s] the hugely important and pioneering work of the Tavistock [gender identity] clinic in providing help and support for gender-variant children and adolescents” and recommends “reducing the amount of time required for the assessment”, so that children can access hormone blockers and “cross sex hormones” faster and easier.

Universities and student unions have long led the way with the transgender trend; with the National Union of Students (NUS) holding their first ever transgender conference last December.

The report recommends that “[g]overnment should… take steps to ensure all further education and university staff receive gender identity awareness training”, and institutions have “Transgender champions schemes”. It encourages the proliferation of “gender neutral” toilets in universities, alongside the accommodation of the transgendered in sports.


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