Newly Arrived Migrant Teenagers Left Free To Abuse In Austrian School For Months — ‘They Were Integrating Themselves Very Well’

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‘Unaccompanied minors’ who came to Europe from Syria and Afghanistan embarked on a campaign of sexual abuse and terror after they were put into classes with Austrian children who may have been too scared to report the attacks.

Four boys aged between 14 and 16 have been suspended from Schlossstrasse middle school (ages 11-15) in Salzburg and are under police investigation after three girls they abused came forward to their teachers following months of silently enduring the abuse. Police were only notified belatedly this year after one of the girls, a 14-year-old Austrian, was motivated by the Cologne New Year’s Eve sex attacks to make a complaint, reports

Although two of the boys was technically too old to go to an Austrian middle school, it is policy to give migrant children education at a level appropriate for their intelligence and previous level of acheivement, rather than biological age. This has created a situation where migrants can be put in classes with children much younger than them, a situation which has caused concern for some parents.

In this case, the four boys targeted at least three girls in their new school, using verbal abuse, suggestive remarks, physical violence, and sexual abuse — what has been reported as “groping and fondling”. The 14 year old girl reported having her head smashed into the desk by an Afghan boy, being smashed so hard into the locker the police were called, and being molested below the waist “repeatedly”.

All of the boys involved are reportedly living in state migrant camps near the school, but only one of them has an official resident permit. They have denied molesting the girls to Austrian police reports Die Krone.

The girls involved in the case are now being seen by state psychiatrists, and police are investigating how it could have taken so long for the abuse to have reached the attention of the school authorities.

The school headmistress has reacted with shock to the sexual abuse allegations, and said she has launched it’s own internal investigation. Explaining how the boys had managed to assault the girls over a period of several months without being detected, the headmistress explained the boys seemed to be happy in their new school, and they appeared to be “integrating themselves very well” into Austrian society.

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