London Is Europe’s Tuberculosis Capital, But Guess What Everyone’s Forgetting To Mention… Migration


How lovely it was to flick on my television to see Emma Thompson, the star of Saving Mr Banks, Harry Potter, and Love Actually. If I’m honest we all know Ms. Thompson’s movie star stuff is just a little bit of a hobby. Her calling in life is to save the world, obviously.

A member of the Labour Party and supporter of radical left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn, Ms. Thompson is single-handedly going to take down evil capitalism with her eco-warrior work with Greenpeace. She’s also fighting that nasty Israel place by actively supporting those feminists and LGBT activists in Hezbollah and Hamas. Yes, she’s involved with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Emma Thompson even popped-up during the summer’s migration news cycle now eclipsed in the minds of TV producers by lottery winners and dead celebrities to remind us that we are all racist not taking in more migrants.

She said in an interview with BBC Newsnight: “We’re not even missing our quotas. That’s really shaming. So I think it’s got a lot to do with racism. If these people were white, European, that were coming from some dictatorship in Bosnia… I think we would feel quite differently about it.”

Knowing what a good egg Emma Thompson is, I was relieved to see her doing the media rounds on Wednesday in her new salvation role as London Mayor Boris Johnson’s ‘Ambassador for Tuberculosis (TB)’.

Ms. Thompson’s Ambassadorship comes on the back of the news that London is the TB capital of Europe. 2014 saw 2,500 new cases in the 611 square miles of the city boundaries. London’s TB rate is higher than most nations’ totals. I don’t just mean countries like America or Germany. I mean that parts of London have TB rates higher than nations like Rwanda, Iraq, and Algeria.

If the UK really wants to tackle TB we need to start to looking at the reasons why a disease which was considered to be almost eradicated here in the 1970s is now back. The problem is we are not permitted to state the real reason behind this TB outbreak, so I will just whisper it to you: ‘uncontrolled migration’.

The Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford notes:

While reactivation of latent Tuberculosis has been identified as a significant factor, this also highlights the possible importance of other contributory factors, such as low income and poor living conditions in the UK, especially documented among recent migrants – for example, poor nutrition, sub-standard and overcrowded housing in areas of deprivation where many newly-arrived migrants live.

There is evidence that the highest rates of TB among migrants occur among people who are recent arrivals in the UK, possibly reflecting prevalence rates in countries of origin, but less than a half are diagnosed within five years of arrival.

Yes, you read that right. ACTUAL SCIENTISTS have said the reason why London has a TB outbreak is migration. Obviously this means they’re racist scumbags. And I’m a racist scumbag for quoting them. If you tell Emma Thompson, I’m sure she will verify my racist scumbag status.

And Dr Onkar Sahota, the chair of the London Assembly Health Committee is obviously a white supremacist, racist scumbag too. Just look at her name!

She said: “There is a clear link between TB and migration” and found that 80 per cent of TB sufferers in London were born abroad.

It’s obvious that TB was reintroduced to London by the UK’s open door migration policy. Just look at Romania. It has one-quarter of all TB cases in the EU and European Economic Area, even though it has just under 4 per cent of the area’s total population. Due to Romania being in the EU, Romanians can travel to and live in the UK without any checks.

But don’t stop with racist scumbags like Dr Sahota. What about that notorious National Front sympathiser (no evidence of course but he DEFINITELY is!) Professor Alimuddin Zumla, of the University College London. He estimated Romania had 30,000 to 35,000 TB suffers, with 1,000 of them with the horrifying multi-drug resistant strain which has a mortality rate of up to 80 per cent.

It was believed many of the Romanians infected with TB were undiagnosed. And the country’s problem became ours when we opened our borders to Romania on January 1st 2014. But don’t worry. There was no major rush on January 1st from Romania. So the media stopped paying attention, and even mocked those who worried about how many people would come to the UK. And then this happened. See here for more.

Our open door to mass migration has become a back door for near eradicated disease.

Opponents to this will point out even if 80 per cent of all TB suffers are non-British born, they may not have been infected by TB until two to three years after they came to London. But where are they picking up TB in London? Tuberculosis is normally found in people in poverty, those who are sleeping rough or in poor quality, overcrowded homes with unsanitary conditions. The perfect breeding ground for TB are the ghettoised conditions that a significant number of migrants to Britain live in.

British hostels are at breaking point due to migration. Breitbart London reported last year that 36 per cent of London’s rough sleepers came from European countries. The sad choice faced by many migrants is to either sleep rough, or head to a slum-like accommodation.

A police raid in London last October found fifty migrants crammed into four, two-bedroom terraced houses. This may be the sharp end of the stick, but crowded conditions are unfortunately not rare. These slums existence is due to migration as there isn’t the housing to accommodate the mass of people now living in London.

The hard truth is if we are really going to be compassionate to migrants and to stamp out TB, we need to have proper controls on migration, and proper targeting of UK aid. We shouldn’t be helping spread the disease back around the world because our post-colonial consciences tell us to throw open our borders. And we shouldn’t be confining people to ghettos to contract diseases and die.

But then again I would say that. I’m just a racist scumbag.

Nic Conner is a Senior Research Fellow at the Bow Group think tank. He tweets at @NiConner


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