Another Migrant Swimming Pool Ban Lasts Just Days After ‘Sh*tstorm’ Of Left Wing Social Media Criticism

Swimming Pool Ban
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An Austrian swimming bath that banned ‘refugees’ from bathing without being accompanied by their social workers last week have caved into leftist demands after just three days of criticism.

The new rules of admission at the city baths in Mödling, Austria were reported on by the local Lower Austria news service of the state broadcaster ORF on Friday, with a copy of the notice posted to the front of the swimming pool. The bath announced “due to repeated complaints both by bathers and our own staff” individuals of “immigration background” were only to be admitted if they were accompanied by appropriate escorts and with their identification paperwork.

Prompting the ban was bad behaviour at the pool including invasions of the women’s changing rooms, abusing staff, swimming in the baths while wearing outdoor clothes, and attempting to steal money from voluntary boxes. The troublemakers are reported to be part of a 180 strong migrant housing project nearby, and are thought to have been Afghan ‘refugees’.

However the ambiguously worded sign was immediately leapt upon by hard-left pro-mass migration campaigners who took to the internet to ask “Am I Aryan enough for the city bath?”. Twitter was alive with criticism of the policy, an outpouring of hatred towards the swimming pool management which Heute has described as a “shitstorm”. Attempting to draw allusions to the third Reich, some twitter users asked how many generations of Austrian citizenship were required to be eligible to swim.

Hammering home the point, the leader of the state’s Socialist Youth party Julia Jakob said of the notice: “To refuse people because of race, religion or colour is reminiscent of one of the darkest periods in our history”.

Taking their opposition from the on-line sphere to the real world, a small group of native Austrians even took part in a swimming protest on the bath on Sunday evening, shortly before the town mayor removed the sign, remarking it had been misinterpreted and had only meant to exclude a small group of troublemakers rather than all foreigners.

That this policy had been in practice already was demonstrated by one Bosnian citizen who went swimming at the weekend at the bath and reported having no trouble, telling Heute he had no problem getting in and “all were friendly” toward him.

Participants in the protest are celebrating their victory, reports, by setting up a fund to buy migrants to Austria swimming costumes.

Breitbart London reported on a similar case in Germany, where the Bornheim pool banned migrants as a preventative measure after groups of men harassed women bathers, vowing to keep the ban in place until the men living at a nearby migrant centre had learnt how to behave. Just days later the pool caved to leftist pressure from local legal and social groups and threw open their doors again.

While the Mödling pool moved to ban migrants from their waters before behaviour turned violent, other baths have been less fortunate, with rapes of children, massive harrasment of women, and defecation into water reported across Austria and Germany this year. Breitbart London reported last week on another Austrian pool in Linz where a horrified mother discovered migrant men masturbating at her three year old son.

Lifeguards threw the men out of the pool but the police were not called.

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