Let’s Face It, David Cameron Didn’t Go Far Enough With His #BunchOfMigrants Comment


On Monday Britain was treated to wall-to-wall media coverage of “racist wristbands. On Tuesday, we were back on the “racist red doors” that never were. And ever in search for the next big trend to make us feel guilty about, the media has collectively seized upon Prime Minister David Cameron’s use of the words “bunch of migrants” to describe who Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn decided to surround himself with in France this weekend.

Mr. Cameron of course, was technically right to use the term. There was certainly a “bunch” in its strictest sense. And they were indeed “migrants”. But forget the English language, as we’re so often pressured to do – the outrage is about “tone” or the “respect” that the phrase connotes. I’d say Mr. Cameron was too kind.

We know from the drama in Calais – read about the plight of Calais residents, for example – that mobs of fighting age men are staking their claim to economic betterment while the liberal left continue to grant them “refugee” or “asylum” status before the fact. That is to say that they have not been assessed as those who deserve asylum or refugee status – but we’re repeatedly fed those words. It’s a guilt trip.

But when you look at the facts, it becomes apparent that “bunch of migrants” was too soft. In fact, if these videos are any indication of the behaviour of the migrants in Calais – we should be calling some of them braying jackals, or thieves and muggers – those willing to flout the law in their search for freebies in Britain. And even then, they’ll probably complain about their complimentary meals, provided courtesy of the British tax payer.

Look back to recent pronouncements, admissions even, made by charities in Calais.

The Human Relief Foundation’s (HRF) deputy chief executive Kassim Tokan recently said that clothes and food were being “dumped and burnt” by the migrants in Calais.

“I thought they have valid reason, but most of them they haven’t any valid reason… they want to go [to the UK] to get money, a better economic situation,” Tokan told ITV News.

He revealed that 95 to 97 per cent of the people he observed in the camp were young, fit men – despite the BBC misleading the general public by featuring children in over 50 per of their pictures of the migrant crisis, as exposed by a Breitbart London analysis.

Tokan added: “They have enough food, they have enough clothes and we have seen clothes everywhere thrown. I think we need to find other places. These people come from certain countries, which are safe, everything is there, they can work, but I don’t know why they came here.”

The fact is the British people are being played for mugs again, and the pro-migrant, disaster tourism brigades who stoke up tensions in Calais (yet live in plush caravans themselves) drip feed news stories into the media. This has been a bumper week for them, and they needed it after Cologne, when more people began to wake up to those now screaming, “I told you so!” about mass migration into Europe.

Like Viktor Orban said – mass migration and open borders is a bumper industry. My colleague Julia Hahn exposed the U.S. connections in this industry today, which you can read here. And you can read what is effectively just a scratch of the surface of how the British government is spending tax payer money funding these groups who attack the tax payer and indeed the British government, here.

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