Tension on Streets of Crewe ‘Like Civil War’ After Migrant Kids Attack UK Schoolchildren


Gangs of vigilantes have been roaming the streets of a northern British town for the last week following a violent attack on British children by Eastern European migrant kids at a local school. One resident has told Breitbart London “It’s been like civil war is breaking out, to be honest.”

Tensions are high following events at William Stanier school in Crewe last week which parents described to Breitbart London as scenes of violent chaos. According to witnesses, Eastern European migrant children ran riot, threatening to rape girls and attacking teachers.

One mother recounted that “girls were being dragged around by their hair, two girls had hair ripped out. Other children were thrown down three flights of stairs, one of whom suffered a broken arm. A teacher was head-butted.”

Yet despite dozens of children giving the same account and witnesses reporting a large police presence at the school, the headmaster at the school Mr Jason Fraser has repeatedly denied that a serious incident took place. He is being supported in that statement by the local police force, leading to a breakdown in trust between the school and the community and a huge rise in tension in the town.

Breitbart London has learned from Crewe resident, who has a daughter at the school, that over the last few days a crowd of around 40 to 50 British youths and men has been seen patrolling through the town, sometimes with police close by. On Friday night they were filmed “heading towards the Darby Docks area of town where it is predominantly Polish/Roma/Slaav people,” he said. “But still the police will not admit there is a problem for fear of the race card being played.”

He added: “The place is like a powder keg, everybody’s sparking off each other. And there’s going to be a big boom.

“I can see it happening. Before long something will spark it, and it only has to be something small.”

He believes that if events did take a violent turn the authorities would be helpless to act, saying “The police wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of stopping it,” and suggesting the army would have to be brought in to regain order.

The townspeople are deeply concerned, he said, discussing among themselves whether to board up their windows before violence erupts.

Crewe is an historically working class, industrial town which used to rely on automotive factories and the railways to provide work. But over the last few decades work has dried up, coinciding with a huge influx of Polish, Slovakian and other Eastern European immigration. And locals say the newcomers are not integrating.

“There’s been a small Polish community for as long as I can remember, but recently it’s like Warsaw”, a local man said. “Specialist Polish shops have sprung up, but if you go into the shops you get dirty looks. I’ve even been refused service.

“I went into one close to us but because I’m not Eastern European I was told: “No service, bye bye’.”

Ill feeling has consequently been between the British and migrant communities as a result, but the violent scenes at William Stanier school on Wednesday, and the consequent apparent cover up seems to be bringing those tensions to a head.

Parents have requested a meeting with the school’s head, Mr Frasier, but he refused to attend. In the hopes of restoring trust and order, 319 people have now signed a petition calling for the “sacking or resignation” Mr Fraser “with immediate effect” within the last 48 hours.

“It has now become an intolerable situation as parents now have no trust in Mr Fraser to make sure the children are safe during school time. Some students are now too scared to go back to school which will affect their education and ultimately the rest of their lives.” the petition reads.

Asked why he thinks the school would cover up such an event, one local resident has his own theory: “Crewe people … are not rocket scientists. It’s a working class town, there’s a lot of people who are uneducated. But you can’t fool everybody all the time, and this guy thinks he can.”

But he says the truth needs to come out, and soon.

“The blanket which is being laid over this horrible problem needs lifting and things need sorted out,” he said.

“I personally believe in diversity within a community being a good thing if we all tolerate each other. But if one group of immigrants is refusing to integrate with the established community then I’m sorry but they should be removed and returned to their original country.”

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