Swedish Bus Driver Suspended After Sharing Anti-Mass Migration Articles Online

Bus Driver Suspended

A Swedish bus driver has found himself out of work and the subject of an investigation after he was discovered to have shared news articles from right-leaning news sites.

Expressing concern about the equal treatment of passengers, the transport authority of Dalarna, Sweden suspended one of their bus drivers on Monday after they were alerted to his on-line activities the same day. Although the driver has not been named, local news Dalarnas Tidningar reports the man had shared posts critical of mass migration on Facebook.

Among his postings were articles from right leaning news site Avpixlat — literally ‘without pixels’ — part of the new media movement in Sweden. The website takes its name from the habitual censorship in Sweden’s mainstream media which sees photographs of migrant criminal suspects pixelated, and even their skin tone changed to hide the extent of migrant crime.

In addition to the Avpixlat articles, the driver was also reportedly observed to have shared jokes, and posts “critical” of migration.

Despite the action against him, the driver stood by his views. He said: “This country is being drained of resources, with certain groups getting priority over others. Previously, we had an idea of ​​the general welfare, that we have abandoned.

“It’s not fair. I am at heart sad about what is happening in Sweden”.

Regional director Tiina Ohlsson said of the decision to suspend the man: “We see a risk that passengers might not be treated equally, and are now making an investigation”. The company expressed a concern there may be “consequences” for travellers if they attempted to board a bus and already knew about his views.

The company also cited a worry there may be a xenophobic atmosphere aboard the bus, and said the driver had acted inappropriately. Yet the bus company CEO Conny Strand admitted there has been no indication whatsoever that anyone who rode the buses were aware of the drivers views, or that he ever made them public.

Although Mr. Strand admitted the posts had been made in the driver’s spare time and in general people were entitled to their opinions, the investigation would be assessing whether bus drivers should have certain standards to be able to do their jobs, reports Avpixlat.

Speaking to the website, the driver himself said he was being backed up by his colleagues to return to work, and said he’d never had any complaints or trouble in his time as a driver. The hearing will be this week.

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