After Brussels Attack: ‘Europe Won’t Exist In Ten Years’


A Romanian member of the European Parliament has lashed out at Europe’s approach to the cultural war with migrants, and questioned the ability of Europe as a cultural entity to continue in the face of the onslaught.

Romanian MEP Laurentiu Rebega is a member of the same Europe of Nations and Freedom group as Marine Le Pen and the Front National, having joined last year after he crossed the floor from the Conservative party.

Speaking out in the immediate aftermath of the Brussels bombing attack this week,  he told Breitbart London that the flow of refugees to Europe wouldn’t end until there was peace in the Middle East — a potentially unlikely prospect.

Speaking of the migrants travelling to Europe in ever greater numbers, Mr. Rebega said: “They can’t be integrated, they will never be integrated.

“The people who attack Europe are the people whose families came here 40 years ago. They cannot adapt to our culture. This shows we have a really big problem if we accept them in our cultural space.

“We have this mass of people from mass migration who have penetrated Europe without any control, any debate even over how they can be part of our culture. They come here, they refuse to take part in any kind of process to adapt to our norms”.

Stopping this flow of migrants was paramount to the survival of European people, he said: “In my opinion we have to stop this right away, otherwise Europe won’t exist in ten years from now. Right now we are at war.

“These people aren’t insane individuals who are out of control, and who decide to [attack us].

“This is very well organised. The [Brussels attacks] shows they are starting a war against the Europeans. We have a duty to protect our own citizens, we don’t have one to care for others.

“You might say we have to show humanity and compassion to [migrants] but now we see they are attacking our own citizens. They kill innocent people”.

When pressed on what the solution to these problems was, Mr. Rebega expressed there was much to be done, but emphasised the importance of protecting the frontier. He said: “The biggest problem we have now is the uncontrolled border.

“There is no doubt about this. We have no border control, we have no say on who comes from other places, enters with a different culture”.

Mr. Rebega explained he was particularly dissatisfied with the way the European Union failed to support nations at the frontiers, who were dealing with the day-to-day reality of mass migration. He lamented: “We didn’t help them, we just talk and talk, and force them to take mass migration”.


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