WATCH: ‘America Should Not Become Like Brussels’ Says Belgian Pro-Trump Politician

Message from BRUSSELS. I support Donald Trump !

Message from BRUSSELS. I support Donald Trump !

Posted by Mischaël Modrikamen on Friday, 11 March 2016

A viral video by an insurgent Belgian politician released less than two weeks before the Brussels attacks has gathered attention for its prescient take on mass migration and terrorism, and now the creator has spoken to Breitbart London.

Expressing surprise the video had gone viral so rapidly, racking up well over a million views so far, People’s Party founder and leader Mischaël Modrikamen said he was locked out of the mainstream media in Europe. He told Breitbart London: “Although we get six per cent in the polls, we are basically more or less banned from all media.

“We get interviewed on television once a year. They try to shut me down. Despite what all has happened, not a single Belgian journalist has called us”.

Mr. Modrikamen explained why Brussels had become such a haven for radical Islam, and why it was so important for America to not follow in Europe’s footsteps. He said: “I wish Mr. Trump success because I don’t want the United States to become the new Brussels. I was reinforcing his message, and that was just days before the attack here.

“We are a very weak state with no identity. A weak state with very weak politicians for the last 40-50 years. Socialism dominates along with multiculturalism in Brussels and Wallonia, and they turn a blind eye to Islamism. They close their eyes”.

Explaining why politicians in Belgium were so happy to look the other way when it came to Islamism, he said: “The leftist parties would have vanished from Brussels without the support of the Muslim population here. And we have to let people know in the United States that according to demographic reports, we now have approximately 30-35 per cent Muslim population, and this is re-enforced every day by the migrant invasion.

“According to these demographic trends, we will have a Muslim majority in 15 to 25 years in Brussels, because of high birth rates and the migrant influx. We also have so many illegals here, we have 150,000 to 200,000 of them”.

Turning to Molenbeek, the migration-heavy neighbourhood where the Belgian plotters lived before they blew themselves up this week, Mr. Modrikamen said: “Just to give you an idea, in a small municipality like Molenbeek where you have approximately 100,000 people, according to the Mayor, and this is a figure she gave us, you have a minimum of 15,000 illegals living there.”

Mr. Modrikamen filed a criminal complaint against the former mayor of Molinbeek last year, accusing him of complicity with the Paris attacks that killed over 120.

Lamenting the colonisation of Brussels by migrant Muslims, Mr. Modrikamen cited recent academic reports that found high levels of support for the Islamic State among Belgian Muslims, high levels of anti-Semitism, and high levels of support for Sharia law. He told Breitbart: “We are second only to Pakistan.

“Belgium is the worst spot in Europe for Jihadism, Islamism, Salafism. And innocent people pay a terrible price for it, because of the incompetent political class who never take responsibility for anything.

“We have a naive population. We think we will fight terrorism by lighting candles and by writing messages on the floor in chalk. They don’t want strong measures, they just want candles.”

Explaining why he made the video, Mr. Modrikamen told Breitbart London after the Brussels attacks this week that “Trump is criticised all over Europe… but he gives a voice to the voiceless.”

He said he wanted to show Mr. Trump that people in Europe looked up to him for his straight-talking attitude, and hoped he would succeed. In the video, Mr. Modrikamen remarks: “I fully support Donald Trump. I am not a professional politician, but I want to reset our corrupt and inefficient political system here.

“America should not become another Brussels. It was once a vibrant, entrepreneurial, joyful, peaceful city. That was before. Brussels is becoming a third world city, with a majority of Muslim migrants within 15-20 years according to demographic studies.

Mr. Trump, we have this in common. We speak the truth. Of course the political and media elites will never forgive us for that, but ordinary citizens are not fools, Mr. Trump.

“Make America great again, you are an example to many of us here in Europe”.

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