Police Force Naked Man To Walk To Brothel


German police pulled over a naked motorist while he was on his way to a brothel, and made him proceed on foot.

The unusual police stop took place at the weekend in Völklingen — a town in the district of Saarbrücken in Saarland — but perhaps surprisingly did not lead to an arrest. When officers pulled over the van they found the 38 year old driver completely naked.

This isn’t exactly a crime in Germany, but it is forbidden by the highway code as driving without clothes can distract other motorists and can “wantonly jeopardise” other traffic, reports Süddeutsche Zeitung. The man could not explain to officers why precisely he had decided to strip off before getting behind the wheel.

More serious was the fact that being without trousers and therefore a wallet, he was also not carrying his driving licence, which is a crime. He will be issued a fine for being in control of a vehicle without carrying the necessary documentation.

Having completed their stop the officers allowed the man to continue making his way to the brothel on foot.

Neither public nudity, nor frequenting brothels are illegal acts in Germany.

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